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Helios Orrery

Helios Orrery
Helios Orrery
Helios Orrery
Helios Orrery
Helios Orrery
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A complete fully-electric system for studying the planets and stars.This Orrery model shows the planets from Mercury to Saturn orbiting the Sun at their correct relative speeds while the Moon orbits the Earth. Both speed and direction of rotation can be changed.
Shown all major stars and constellations for both Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Choose from one or many planets positioned for any year or month up to 2020. The following topics are among those that can be can be studied with this model:

  • The Planets in their orbits (length of a year, inferior and superior planets and more)
  • The Moon and its phases
  • Eclipse basics
  • Time - solar, sidereal and G.M.T.

The orrery can have all its planets displayed or just one or two. The planets can be correctly positioned for any year or month up to 2020. The speed and direction of rotation can be changed!

Base diameter: 36 cm (14 inches) | Height with Dome: 32-38 cm (12-15 inches)

Power supply
6V supply via mains power adapter - supplied or battery operated - 4 x U2 cells required (not supplied)
(If requested in the order comments box we will supply the transformer with the 'Euro' 2-pin plug or US 2-pin plug. Otherwise it will have a UK 3-pin plug.)

There are three versions available. You can purchase the Helios as just the orrery (this current listing) or the orrery and star dome or the orrery and star dome complete with the Earth-centred model and accessories. In either case you receive a full instruction booklet.




Ages: 10+

Quantity discount available. Please contact us for details.

Real boxed weight: 4.58kg
Dimensions of box: 46 x 46 x39
Volumetric weight of 16.5kg is used for calculation of shipping costs.

Dispatch time: usually 3-6 days




General Information
Weight in Kg16.5

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