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Glorious Eclipses

Glorious Eclipses
Glorious Eclipses
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Glorious Eclipses

Author: Brunier, Serge

Author: Luminet, Jean-Pierre
 Observatoire de Paris, Meudon

Translator: Dunlop, Storm

Description: This beautiful large-format volume deals with eclipses of all kinds - lunar, solar and even those elsewhere in the Solar System and beyond. Bringing together in one place all aspects of eclipses, and lavishly illustrated throughout, Glorious Eclipses covers the history of eclipses from ancient times, the celestial mechanics involved, their observation and scientific interest. Personal accounts are given of recent eclipses, up to and including the last total solar eclipse of the twentieth century: the one on August 11th 1999 that passed across Europe, Romania, Turkey and India. This unique book contains the best photographs taken all along its path and is the perfect souvenir for all those who tried or wished to see it. In addition, it contains all you need to know about forthcoming eclipses up to 2060, complete with NASA maps and data, making it the perfect resource for both novice and veteran eclipse-chasers.

Contents: 1. Introduction: stories of eclipses; 2. Eclipses throughout history; 3. Eclipses and celestial mechanics; 4. Eclipses in the Solar System; 5. Eclipses and science; 6. The last eclipse of the second Millennium; 7. How to photograph eclipses; Appendices.

Essential Information
First Author: Brunier, Serge
Title: Glorious Eclipses
ISBN-13 / EAN-Number: 9780521791489
ISBN-10: 521791480
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 192

astronomy, history of astronomy, amateur astronomy

general readers, amateurs

Bibliographic Details:
50 maps 200 figures





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