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FORNAX 10 LighTrack Mobile Tracking SET with Wedge

FORNAX 10 LighTrack Mobile Tracking SET with Wedge
FORNAX 10 LighTrack Mobile Tracking SET with Wedge
FORNAX 10 LighTrack Mobile Tracking SET with Wedge
FORNAX 10 LighTrack Mobile Tracking SET with Wedge
FORNAX 10 LighTrack Mobile Tracking SET with Wedge
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FORNAX 10 LighTrack - Mobile Tracking SET for Astrophotography (without Ball Head)

All aluminium body!
Free delivery to UK mainland!

Fornax 10 Tangential Arm with Motor Block and Ursa Minor Motor Control
Fornax 10 Polar Block (wedge) 
Fornax 10 polarscope adapter for EQ3 polarscope

Not included:
Fornax Ball Head For those who already possess a ball head, the Fornax ball head is NOT INCLUDED in this set, but please note, an average photo ball head can only be used in off-axis position on the Fornax 10 mount.

The newest member of the Fornax family is a perfect choice for photos taken with wide angle lenses, telephoto lenses or smaller telescopes. Due to the design it is stronger and less fragile than similar products; it is still lightweight and very portable. Due to its compact size it is the best choice for the travelling astro-photographer. It can easily fit even into your hand luggage.

Since the below Sky at Night magazine group test the Fornax 10 has been further improved and we believe that its latest design is not anymore a "prototype" finish, but of a well thought-trough product. 


According to a Group Test by the Sky at Night Magazine (April 2012, pages 96-100), the "Fornax 10 Light Track was a really pleasant surprise. It's 'prototype' finish was not matched by its performance, which was constantly the best in the group. Simple to set up and easy to use, we really warmed to it during testing - if tracking accuracy was the only criteria we were judging, this mount would have been the winner."

Please note, due to the many options available for powering the Fornax 10 mount up and you might already have some of these, we didn't want to increase the price by adding a 12V power source. Instead, here are couple of links to the compatible products: Compatible with our 12V AC Adapters, 12V power tanks from Celestron and Skywatcher and with the Astrotrac Battery Holder.

- Tangential arm 
with two camera/telescope positions: either "Off-axis" or “On-Axis”. It can be installed on a video-head/photo-head (3/8" photo thread compatible) or it can be used with the strong but lightweight (optional) Fornax-10 equatorial wedge. 
- Motorblock with UrsaMinor control  (under the now silver box) (The Fornax 10 mount is also compatible with the FS2 motor control, if you don't need the UrsaMinor control box, because you have got one FS2 controller already, please contact us!)

- Equatorial Wedge   –  adjustable between 0-70 degrees (see the black part with “Fornax 10” written on it on the top right image)
- Polarscope Adapter  - Synta made EQ3 polarscope will fit with this adapter (polarscope available separately)


- Fornax Ballhead (OPTIONAL) made from Perunal (Al.Zn.Mg.Cu alloy, lightweight, but with similar to steel properties).  Can be used with the Fornax 10  mount in both "Off-Axis" and "On-Axis".  The Fornax 10 mount is able to carry slightly heavier equipment in On-Axis position than in Off-Axis position, therefore we'd recommend to buy the Fornax Ballhead.
- Tripod (OPTIONAL) - compatible with the optional Vixen-GP /EQ3 /EQ5 /NEQ5 /HEQ5 with M10 thread or a photo-tripod with 3/8" photo thread
The weight and size of the Fornax 10 makes it suitable to take it with you in your rucksack on your next flight.

Fornax 10 (old version) installed on an equatorial wedge (optional) on top of a Skywatcher (Synta) tripod (optional). (Camera not included.)

Each Fornax 10 comes with a free chart, showing the result of its test.

Total weight: 2160g
Weight of tangential arm with motor block and Ursa Minor control box: 1470 g
Weight of equatorial wedge: 690 g


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