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Delta Optical Extreme 7x50 ED Waterproof Binocular

Delta Optical Extreme 7x50 ED Waterproof Binocular
Delta Optical Extreme 7x50 ED Waterproof Binocular
Delta Optical Extreme 7x50 ED Waterproof Binocular
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Delta Optical Extreme 7x50 ED Waterproof Binocular
Delta Optical Extreme 7x50 ED Waterproof Binocular
Delta Optical Extreme 7x50 ED Waterproof Binocular
Delta Optical Extreme 7x50 ED Waterproof Binocular
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  • Model: DO-1600
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The Extreme 7x50 ED is a modern observation binocular for those seeking uncompromising optical solutions. The latest optical technology supported by solid mechanics has been used in the construction of this powerful optical instrument and as a result, it performs very well and is extremely reliable.

The lenses that come with high quality anti-reflection coatings, Fully Multi Coated (FMC) lenses with a special ED glass element help to eliminate chromatic aberration that improves the overall sharpness of the image. A small amount of chromatic aberration is only visible at the very edge of the field of view.
Thanks to the above mentioned FMC coatings and the powerful, high quality prisms, there is no need to worry about vignetting or darkening of the image at the edge of the field of view. The FMC coating covers all optical elements of the binocular that results in over 90 percent light transmission through the system.

The optical quality of the Extreme 7x50 is incomparable with the quality of cheap, popular binoculars with similar parameters. The image is extremely bright and sharp throughout the field; aberrations are practically absent and contours of objects are expressive, and let us observe minute details that are unobtainable in the lower class. It is designed for applications with more serious binoculars in mind and so its optical performance is being supported by excellent mechanics, too.

The Extreme 7x50 is very durable to extreme temperatures: it can be used between minus 40 degrees of cold and 70 degrees of heat! The robust casing is designed to withstand a certain level of knocks, shocks and impacts during transportation and use. So don't be afraid, take with yourself on your trips all around the world.

Due to the size, weight and high magnification of these binoculars we would recommend to use them on a tripod. Tripod adapter is included.

The Delta Optical Extreme 7x50 ED is equally good for landscape observation, observation of birds, wildlife, ships, airplanes and general nature observation. Will provide good magnification while maintaining the fairly high-brightness of the image. Observers will also enjoy the comparatively wide-angle views.

First and foremost, however, this binocular is a great piece of equipment for astronomical observations with a compact size and wider field than the 15x70 version. Perfectly suited for observations of bright nebulae, comets, clusters, galaxies and large portions of the Milky Way. The stars visible in the field of view will be pinpoint sharp and in the absence of chromatic aberration will retain their natural colours. Thanks to the presence of the FMC layers, glare around the Moon is barely visible and so observation of objects near to the Moon is possible.



According to customer feedback this binocular can be used with glasses and it is a better option than the 10x50 version as through this binocular the complete field is visible. We guess that this might depend on the diopter of your glasses, so this information is not confirmative.

Warranty: 5 years

  • Delta Optical Extreme 7x50ED
  • Prism: BaK-4 porro
  • Magnification: 7 x 
  • Lens diameter: 50 mm
  • Apparent field of view of eyepiece: 65 degrees
  • Focusing System: INDIVIDUAL FOCUSING
  • Minimum focus: TBC
  • Angular field of view: TBC degrees 
  • Linear field of view: 131m /1000m
  • Focusing: individual
  • Exit pupil: 7 mm 
  • Pupil distance: TBC mm
  • Twilight factor: 51
  • Relative brightness: 18.7
  • Nitrogen filled: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Coating of the metal body: special, high-quality rubber veneer
  • Tripod adapter: Yes
  • Case: hard case included
  • Dimensions: 202x215 mm 
  • Weight: 1620 g

You might find it interesting that the 15x70 version of this binocular achieved 5th place in competition against much more expensive binoculars from Nikon and Carl Zeiss.
It is in Polish, but we've provided a link below to an online translated version (translated by Google Translate):
Optical Product of the Year 2012

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Weight in Kg2.8

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