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Cometography Volume 5, 1960 - 1982

Cometography Volume 5, 1960 - 1982
Cometography Volume 5, 1960 - 1982
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Cometography: Volume 5, 1960-1982

Author: Kronk, Gary W., Maik Meyer

Description: Cometography is a multi-volume catalog of every comet observed throughout history. It uses the most reliable orbits known to determine the distances from the Earth and Sun at the time a comet was discovered and last observed, as well as the largest and smallest angular distance to the Sun, most northerly and southerly declination, closest distance to the Earth, and other details to enable the reader to understand the physical appearance of each well-observed comet. Volume 5 provides a complete discussion of the observations and pertinent calculations for every comet seen between 1960 and 1982. The comets are listed in chronological order, with complete references to publications relating to each comet and physical descriptions of each comet's development throughout its apparition. Cometography will be valuable to historians of science as well as providing amateur and professional astronomers with a definitive reference on comets through the ages.

Contents: Introduction; Acknowledgements; Catalog of comets; Appendix 1: Uncertain objects; Appendix 2: Periodical abbreviations, Index.

Essential Information
First Author: Kronk, Gary W., Maik Meyer
Title: Cometography, Volume 5
ISBN-13 / EAN-Number: 9780521872263
ISBN-10: 0521872263
Binding: Hardback
RRP: GBP 150
Pages: 832


astronomy, planetary science, history of science


academic researchers, amateurs, enthusiasts

Bibliographic Details:




'… an indispensable reference for historians, comet researchers, and true enthusiasts of the field … the book's value is inestimable and I can only give [it] my highest praise.'

Sky Telescope

'… a valuable reference for scientists and historians in many fields.'


'… a treasure trove of information and each entry stands on its own.'

Journal of the British Astronomical Association

'Cometography has been beautifully produced, and it is a thorough, definitive, well referenced, comprehensive, and easily accessible work of scholarship. For historians, scientific or otherwise, this will be a 'first stop' for information about ancient comets. Looking into the future, it will be a rare month that I will not refer to it.'

David W. Hughes, The Observatory

'This marvelous book was clearly a labour of love. It is a treasure, and will be appreciated for much longer than the century it covers.'

New Scientist

'… sure to become the standard cometary reference source … Every library with a comet section should invest in the Cometography series. Congratulations to Gary Kronk on a lifetime of scholarly achievement.'

Contemporary Physics

'… ambitious attempt to catalogue all recorded comets through history … the sheer volume of information contained in this book … is a very useful work of reference.'

Geological Magazine






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