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Celestron 9.25-inch Dovetail Bar CGE-Compatible

Celestron 9.25-inch Dovetail Bar CGE-Compatible
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Celestron 9.25-inch Dovetail Bar CGE-Compatible
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Celestron 9.25" Dovetail Bar - CGE-compatible

(approximate values, measured screw center to center)
Length: 438mm


Length between the two holes at one end and the one hole at the other end is appr 411.5 to 420 mm (It is not a concrete value as the single hole at one end is an elongated hole with a  length of 13mm.)
There are also two more threaded holes in the center with a distance between them appr. 387mm (also center to center)



Additional compatibility information from the Celestron Knowledgebase:

Will the 9.25” dovetail bar #94217 fit all C9.25 optical tube assemblies (OTAs)?

No it will not.

It is designed to fit present C9.25 OTAs. In July 2006, the 9.25” OTA length was shortened. So the new bar on old tubes will be too short for the tube. This is true for the carbon-fiber version of the C9.25 as well, since it is one of the longer OTAs.

As a workaround, you can use the 14” dovetail bar and cut it down to the length needed for the C9.25 OTA. (The 11” bar won’t work for this as it’s just a quarter-inch longer than the 9.25” bar.) Aftermarket dovetails may also be available to fit the older OTAs.



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