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Base for Newton Focusers for Tube Diameter from 260mm

Base for Newton Focusers for Tube Diameter from 260mm
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Base for Newton Focusers for Tube Diameter from 260mm
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Base for Crayford Focusers for Newtonian Telescopes of Tube Diameter from 260mmWith this base you can attach several focuser models currently available on your Newtonian telescope. You can attach the base to the telescope using four M4 or similar screws (not included). We offer this base for different tube diameters. The base is designed for Newtonian focusers with a dovetail connection for adaptation.


- Optimized for tube diameter 300mm. Also fits on tubes from 260mm diameter.
- Length/Width: 90mm, square
- Diameter of the central hole: 78mm. Fits for all telescope focusers with a male dovetail with that diameter. The focuser is held in place with two slug screws from the side.
- Distances of the holes for screws attaching the base to the tube: 70mm parallel to the tube, 73mm sideways

Focusers known to be compatible:

- TS Monorail Newtonian focuser
- Baader Steeltrack SC or Steeltrack GSO (NOT Steeltrack Newtonian version)
- Meade Lightbridge focusers
- and many others 



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