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Baader T-2 Star Diagonal Prism (Zeiss Prism) with male/female T-2 thread

Baader T-2 Star Diagonal Prism (Zeiss Prism) with male/female T-2 thread
Baader T-2 Star Diagonal Prism (Zeiss Prism) with male/female T-2 thread
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T-2 Star diagonal prism (Zeiss prism) - with male/female T-2 thread

This  is a simple (but very high quality) prism design, so it'll provide upright view through Schmidth-Cassegrain or Maksutov telescopes, but it'll still be a mirrored image. If you wanted to use it for terrestrial observations, please consider the similar Baader Amici Prism that will provide upright and right sided (corrected direction) views.


One of the features of the T-2 diagonals - be it prisms or mirrors - is the large free aperture and the flexibillity to directly adapt onto almost any telescope system - without the bottleneck of a 1 1/4" barrel size which may cause vignetting in long focal length 1 1/4" eyepieces or when working with a bino viewer on top of the diagonal. Exactly this is the reason why we offer the body of all our T-2 System diagonals without adapters ( Of course - it can be adapted just like all the other diagonals by using our standard T-2 / 1 1/4" nose piece #14, but then some of it's beauty [clear aperture !!] is left unused..).

The telescope side of all our T-2 diagonals accepts an entire armada of Baader-adapters, be it for 1.25" or 2" focusers, be it for a Celestron OTA 2" thread or an original M44 Zeiss thread, be it for a Vixen OTA or Russian MAK - or whatsoever (all to be found on our Astro T-2 System drawing).
On the eyepiece side many people put only our quick change ring #6, in order to mount the Mark V binocular viewer instead of an eyepiece, in order to achieve the shortest possible back focus distance between telescope and binocular viewer - alternatively mount the 1 1/4" CLICKLOCK- eyepiece clamp, for the quickest clamping action in the industry.


If you would like to use it with 2" accessories and eyepieces, you'd need the following eyepiece holder clamp:

TS 2" Eyepiece Holder with Female T-thread - Adaptor from T2 thread to 2" female

Alternatively, if you want to use it with a 2" Deluxe Eyepiece Clamp or with a 2" Clicklock Eyepiece Clamp (SC version), use the following thread converter:

Baader Thread Reducer 2-in (male)/ T-2 (female) 1mm optical path

and also here is a link to the 2" Deluxe Eyepiece Clamp: Baader SCT to 2" Adapter - 2" Deluxe Clamp Eyepiece Holder for SCT's (2" SC female)

or the 2" Clicklock eyepiece Clamp: Baader2" ClickLock CL-SC Eyepiece Clamp for SC Telescopes


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION OF THE Baader T-2 Star Diagonal Prism (Zeiss Prism)
Our three T-2 diagonals all were based on the design of the famous Zeiss M44 Star Diagonal which featured the same versatillity with the body itself being adaptable onto almost everything within the Zeiss M44 system of telescope accessories. We try to provide the same versatility within our brand marked ASTRO T-2 System.

Baader categories: 28 and 8

Model number: Baa-8-2456095#01B

Model number: Baa-28-2456095#01B

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