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Baader Fringe Killer Filter 2" (Phantomgroup Coated)

Baader Fringe Killer Filter 2" (Phantomgroup Coated)
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Baader Fringe Killer Filter 2" (Phantomgroup Coated)
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Baader Fringe Killer Filter 2" (Optically Polished and Phantomgroup Coated)

The BAADER Fringe-Killer Filter minimizes unwanted blue fringing, comparable to a Minus-Violet-Filter, while retaining a very pleasing color balance. This would be a contradiction in itself – only made possible by applying modern DWDM plasma assisted coating technology, allowing almost a hundred coating layers to be accumulated onto a planoptically polished substrate – without destroying the optical figure! This fineoptical tool will help a small refractor to really put the advertized magnification within reach. Performance rivals that of the most expensive color correcting lens systems, costing 20 times as much!
(Note: for solar observation use only in combination with Baader AstroSolar Safety Film!)


  •  Offering the brightest image of all colorcorrecting devices in the industry, makes the Fringe-Killer a must for even the smallest of refracting (lens type) telescopes.
  •  Removes blue fringing as well as RED fringing above 656 nm!
  •  „Breaks“ the intensity of the devastating false blue color in a completely new way, never ever before manufactured as astronomical filter.
  •  Forms a „plateau“ of eff. 50 % transmission in the „blue“ spectral region from 450 nm to 480 nm – being much more complex to produce than even the narrowest of all Nebula Filters.
  •  Retains the highest light transmission of all known color correcting devices – be it filters or lenses – in all important deep sky wavelengths from 486/501 up to 656 nm. LIGHT is „the hottest commodity“ for high magnification work.
  •  Built-in Infrared Blocker, ranging from 656 to 1150 nm, makes it the perfect tool for CCD work, as well as afocal projection-photography with digital cameras for Moon & Planets.
  •  Subtlest of color variations remain visible in planetar y surface detail, due to the excellent color balance.
  •  Fits 11⁄4” or 2“ eyepiece filter threads.
  •  Combine with our 11⁄4” Red RG-610 color filter (# 2458307), to receive an ultra narrow (~70nm) wide H-α passband filter of unheared of 95% peak transmission at world‘s lowest price!.
  •  Combine with our 11⁄4” NEODYMIUM Moon- & Skyglow Filter # 2458305 (with Phantom-Group-Multicoatings) for breathtaking contrast on lunar and planetary surface detail!
  •  Planoptically polished, means perfect sharpness, even when mounted way in front of a binocular viewer, or during afocal projection (digital imaging).
  •  No deterioration of resolution with magnification at 300 times or more – as it would happen with the usual „flame polished“ (raw polished) glass, commonly used for all sorts of filters!
  •  Coating: Plasma assisted, hardest, scratch proof and water impermeable dielectric coatings of almost 50 coating layers on either side, most carefully designed to extend equal tension onto either side of the substrate – in order to retain a highest quality optical figure.
  •  Will make the performance of a simple f/8 economy refractor look like a classic f/15 Fraunhofer-Achromate. See it to believe it !



Never use any eyepiece filter for solar observation without objective front filter!

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