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BTC STM-8T Trinocular Stereo Microscope ZOOM

BTC STM-8T Trinocular Stereo Microscope ZOOM
BTC STM-8T Trinocular Stereo Microscope ZOOM
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Recommended for visual observations and photography!

We would recommend these real stereo microscopes to those who want to enjoy the beautiful steroscopic view as well as taking photographs in the meantime.

Our STM-5T, STM-6T, STM-7T, STM-8T and especially STM-9T stereoscopic microscopes can mainly be found in high schools and colleges as well as in private laboratories. They are being used for examining parasites (e.g. fish farming), minerals or finding evidence (criminal investigation) as well as for material quality control or investigating material failure cases (complaint departments).

All three models have a very rigid build and through the trinocular head there is also given an opportunity to connect a digital camera.
The upper and lower lights are dimmable and independently selectable.

The model  STM8T is very similar to the STM5T, but it is equipped with a zoom lens system (0.7x-4.5x) for magnifications between  7x (Field of view: 30mm) to 45x. With an optional 5 x lens, the microscope operates from 3.5x (Field of view: 70mm) to 22.55x or if you add a pair of also optional 20x eyepieces, it'll give you a range of 14x to 90x magnifications.
There is also a possibility to increase the working distance and field of view by the use of an optional 0.5x conversion lens. With it a field of view of 64mm and working distance of 165mm can be achieved at 3.5x magnification and
a field of view of 10mm and working distance of 165mm at 22.5x magnification. 
Please note that when an also optional 2x conversion lens is being used that corresponds to a range between 14x to 90x magnification, the working distance will be reduced to 35-40mm.

he STM8T
comes with both upper and lower illumination that are independently dimmable, otherwise it is optically identical with the STM7T that comes without lighting.

All the usual accessories such as lenses, ring light, microscope, CMOS camera, special adapter for photography, 30.5mm interchangeable eyepiece, carrying case, etc. are available from us. Please contact us!

Usual delivery time: 1-2 weeks

Optional accessories:

STM8T2set   Camera Adapter set with low profile T-ring
STM8T2set-eco Camera Adapter set - economy version
STM8T2setFF Camera Adapter set for full frame cameras (with optical part included)

Watch Youtube video about the above camera accessories (unfortunately only available with German text):


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