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BTC STM-3C True Stereo Microscope 20X 40X with Dual Illumination

BTC STM-3C True Stereo Microscope 20X 40X with Dual Illumination
BTC STM-3C True Stereo Microscope 20X 40X with Dual Illumination
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This is a true stereo microscope, so it also generates, as its little brother, the  STM-1a, a truly 3-dimensional image. We highly recommend these microscopes for geological dissection works,  for entomologists (indoor use), for industrial purposes (e.g. materials or),  for numismatists and also for students interested in microscopy.  

The minimum sight distance is 52mm just like in the case of the STM-1A.

The model STM-3C from BTC has the more comfortable 45° view which is very comfortable for longer observation times. It is equipped with two independently switchable electric lights (transmitted and reflected light) and a pair of preparation clips and is available with 10X and 30X or 20X and 40-times magnifications. The change between the magnifications is very easy and quick: just turn the lens mount by 180 degrees.  Workshops, geologists and numismatists often prefer the 10X/30X model, because the 10X magnification serves to gain an overview of the object. For smaller magnifications the field of view and the depth of the area are larger. The 30X magnification is ideal for soldering, for example, and model making. Stamp collectors, numismatists, and taxidermists, so in those areas where the observed objects are barely three-dimensional, prefer the 20x/40x models. The 40x magnification has been proven to be especially useful for paper printings (bank notes, stamps, printing quality testing).

For specific tasks, such as restoration work or analysis of tree rings, the microscope can be removed from the holder and be used on a different mount (see at Industry-C2D model that will be available soon) even upside down, tilted  or fixed so that it can be rotated on its axis.

STM-4C Microscope Series: Available from August 2009. Information will be available soon.


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