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Astronomy: The Definitive Guide

Astronomy: The Definitive Guide
Astronomy: The Definitive Guide
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The Definitive Guide to Astronomy
by Robert Burnham, Alan Dyer, Jeff Kanipe

Consultant Editor: Robert Burnham
Sky Maps by Wil Tirion

Astronomy: the Definitive Guide is the perfect handbook for all who are interested in our place in the universe. Prepared under the direction of consultant editor Robert Burnham, the Guide includes hundreds of photographs, illustrations, and sky maps that bring to life the intriguing subject of astronomy.

This guide is divided into two sections.
The first section, Discovering The Universe, explains our changing understanding of Earth's place in the Universe, and provides an up-to-the-minute guide to astronomy today. It describes the main celestial bodies and explores the big questions raised by our evolving understanding of the universe. Also included is advice on selecting the most appropriate equipement for skywatching and tips on becoming a successful viewer.

The second section, A Guide To Celestial Objects, is a field guide to the night sky. It includes hundreds of maps and photographs, with sections on the Sun, Moon and planets, stars, nebulas and galaxies, as well as monthly star charts and sky tours of both northern and southern hemispheres.

"Ten years from now, I expect many professional and amateur astronomers to trace their passion for the field back to this book." New Scientist, London

Format: Paperback
(It doesn't actually come with a usual soft cover, but a sort of vilinised semi-soft/semi hard cover. Probably that's why it appears on some website as if it was Hardcover)

Number of Pages: 432
Size: 140 x 210 x 30mm
Weight: 890g

ISBN 10: 1876778873
ISBN 13:  978 1876778873

Publisher: Weldon Owen Publishing /  Fog City Press
Publication Date: 2003 (Reprinted in 2005)

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