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365Astronomy MINI Imaging Flip Mirror with Non-Rotating Helical Micro Focuser for Lightweight Applications

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Due to its partially plastic (still sturdy) construction, this is the lightest, most compact and cheapest version of those flip mirrors that come with a non-rotating microfocuser and would ideally suit a QHY5, QHY5L, ZWO ASI174Mini, ASI290Mini, ASI120Mini or similar 1.25" format camera for planetary imaging.

This device has a 1.25" nosepiece to attach it to a telescope. There is also a 1.25" non-rotating helical micro focuser on the other end (straight through) to connect a suitable CCD camera. The non-rotating micro focuser has got a male M42x0.75 T-thread as well or it can take a 1.25" nosepiece or a planetary imager that comes in a shape of a 1.25" barrel, e.g. QHY 5-II or QHY 5L-II cameras... In 90-degrees position there is a simple eyepiece holder for 1.25" eyepieces.

The Helical focuser doesn't rotate whilst you turn it that makes it more convenient to use with a camera. It would be quite difficult focus if the camera was rotating with a USB cable attached...

It provides 10mm focus travel. There is a 0.05mm scale at the bottom of the Helical focuser for very precise focusing.

In visual mode, the internal lever-operated mirror is angled at 45 degrees to channel the light path to the eyepiece in order to easily focus and frame the image. The movement of the mirror is supported by a spring that makes the flip very firm and easy to distinguish between positions... This helps to make sure that the mirror will be either at zero or 45 degree position, not somewhere in between.

In imaging mode, the mirror is taken out of the light path to let the light through to the camera.

Your aim would be to achieve focus with both the camera and the eyepiece at the same time, but this might be more difficult to do if you use a different kind of camera that has got a bigger body than just a 1.25" barrel-type... We are not saying it would be impossible to use with other cameras, but you will have to extend the eyepiece holder to reach focus. Basically, if you have a QHY 5 or 5L and you are on a budget, we warmly recommend this product, but if you want to use a different camera then the slightly more expensive version might be a better choice.


  • OVERALL OPTICAL LENGTH (including the microfocuser unit):
    • 98mm - 109mm
  • OVERALL FULL LENGTH (inc. microfocuser and 1.25" nosepiece)
    • 122mm
  • Weight
    • 206g
  • Main body
    • Material: plastic
    • Size: 51mm (l) x 52mm (w) x 53mm (h)
    • Optical length: 51mm
  • Nosepiece
    • Material: metal
    • Diameter: 1.25"
    • Length: 24mm
  • Eyepiece holder barrel
    • Diameter: 1.25"
    • Length: 27mm
  • Microfocuser unit
    • Length: 49mm - 60mm
    • Brass compression ring
    • Locking thumbscrew


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