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365Astronomy Imaging Flip Mirror with Non-Rotating Helical Micro Focuser - SPECIAL PROMOTION

365Astronomy Imaging Flip Mirror with Non-Rotating Helical Micro Focuser - SPECIAL PROMOTION
365Astronomy Imaging Flip Mirror with Non-Rotating Helical Micro Focuser - SPECIAL PROMOTION
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Designed for convenient CCD imaging. The device has a 1.25" nosepiece, threaded for standard filters on one end, which is inserted into a telescope's focuser, and an M42x0.75 T-mount thread on the other end to connect a suitable CCD camera. A 1.25" non-rotating helical micro focuser makes it easier to achieve and reproduce focus with the eyepiece, especially if you are going to use the flip mirror for visual observations with various eyepieces whilst the imaging camera is attached.

The Helical focuser doesn't rotate whilst you turn it that makes it more convenient to use. It provides 10mm focus travel. There is a 0.05mm scale at the bottom of the Helical focuser for very precise focusing.

In visual mode, the internal lever-operated mirror is angled at 45 degrees to channel the light path to the eyepiece in order to easily focus and frame the image.

In imaging mode, the mirror is taken out of the light path to direct the light path to the camera.

An adjustable adaptor to accept cameras with 1.25" nosepieces is available separately (prod.code 365596B)

Please note: Your focuser will require appr. 74 - 78mm of additional inward focusing distance from the normal focusing position to compensate for the length of the unit. Whether 74 or 78mm, it would depend on how you'd use the reverse T-adapter. if you use it with the locking ring, the back focus would be 78mm, if you use it without the locking ring, it can be reduced to 74mm. The overall length of the enclosure is 72mm.

Below is an example of a planetary imaging setup with the original Imaging Flip Mirror, ZWO Filter Wheel and ZWO ASI120MM monochrome camera. In the original setup, with the help of a Variable Locking T2 Extension we could achieve parfocality, however due to the length of the Helical focuser there is no need to add a variable extension to this version to achieve focus. To see approximately the same field as your ZWO ASI120 planetary camera, you'd have to use an eyepiece with approximately 6mm focal length. Please note that this setup might not work for a Newtonian telescope due to the long back focus requirement.

Click on the above image to see it in full resolution. Image is for demonstration only and it shows a similar flip mirror in action. Camera, eyepiece, variable extension, filter wheel and telescope are not included.


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