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TS INED APO 70/420mm Carbon Fiber Tube 2" Micro Crayford Focuser

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70mm f/6.0 ED Doublet - 70mm aperture / 420mm focal length / 305mm transportation length - extremely portable and lightweight

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A high performer and extremely compact instrument for astronomy and nature observation with elegant carrying case.



The Individual ED 70
is a supremely compact APO apochromatic refractor with a transport length of only 31cm. It features not only excellent optical performance, but also high quality mechanics and beautiful design.



Advantages of the INED70 Carbon:

-- transportation length only 305mm
-- high quality 2-inch 1:11 Crayford microfocuser - suitable for 2" accessories and 2" field flatteners
-- high quality ED objective with 70mm aperture and 420mm focal length - FK61 glass element
-- no distracting false colour
-- beautiful CF tube (carbon fiber) for additional thermal stability and reduced weight
-- fast focal ratio of f/6 for short exposure times and for rich field observing
-- retractable dewcap for compact transport dimensions. The dewcap can be extended by 80mm for proper protection against dew.
-- When used with a 2" star diagonal and a suitable 2" eyepiece (both items optional) the ED70 becomes an ultimate rich field instrument.
-- universal and sturdy mounting bracket for adaptation to camera tripods or mounts
-- Comes with a modern, neat black carrying case.
-- Metal front cover (screw-on)


-- Aperture: 70mm
-- Focal length: 420mm
-- Focal ratio: f/6
-- Limiting magnitude: 11,0 mag
-- Resolving power: 1.65"
-- Objective type: multi-coated ED doublet
-- Inside diameter of the dewcap: appr 85mm (threaded)
-- Outside diameter of the dewcap: appr. 97mm
-- includes adapter bracket for camera tripods and astronomical mounts
-- Tube length (retracted dewcap): 305mm
-- Tube length (extended dewcap): 390mm
-- Focuser: 2" Crayford 1:11 Microfocuser with 1.25" adapter
-- Focuser travel: 85mm
-- Weight: 2.1kgs

High Quality Crayford Focuser

The full potential of a telescope can only be used with high quality mechanics, and especially important is the focuser. The Individual ED 70 has a focuser of a particularly high quality that makes it suitable not only for discriminating visual observers but also for astro-photography.

The Individual ED 70 focuser offers ultra smooth focusing motion without image shift. In addition it has the following quality features:

- 2" and 1.25" adaptation for accessories
- 1:11 dual-speed microfocuser, which is particularly important for imaging.
- compression ring for a firm and smooth grip of the accessories
- millimeter indicator for the focuser's position
- 360° rotation with locking screw
- millimeter indicator for the focuser's position

Included in the package

- Individual ED 70 refractor telescope with carbon fiber tube
- 2" Crayford focuser with 1:11 microfocusing knob. Includes adaptation to 1.25". Both the 1.25" and 2" clamps use brass compression rings.
- elegant and sturdy carrying case



Astronomical Observations


The INED70C is a top performer in almost all fields of amateur astronomy. Magnifications up to about 160x are easily possible, without displaying disturbing false colour. Lunar and planetary observing are great fun with this telescope due to the sharp and crisp image. You will be surprised what 70mm aperture can do on the planets! This is an entirely different story compared with simple achromats!


One of the main strengths of this instrument is Rich Field observing, i.e. viewing large objects such as star clusters, gas nebulae and some galaxies, e.g. the Great Andromeda Galaxy. Contrast is excellent. As a result details will be visible that you wouldn't have thought possible on a telescope with "only" 70mm aperture. At the same time you can reach fields of view up to about 6° with the optional TS Optics 2" Kit.

Astro Imaging

An ideal compact APO for astro imaging, the IN ED-70 offers stunning results especially when setup as IN ED-70 FlatField. For this instrument, an optional 2" field flattener (TSFLAT2) is needed to use the telescopes full potential and achieve the best possible results.

Optional Field Flattener (TSFLAT2) with adapter (TSFA240) and 2" Parfocalising Ring (TS-2zKonter) for perfect astrophotos

The perfect distance from the M48 thread of the flattener to the chip is 129mm. The TSFA240  is the perfect adapter for this. It's length is 75mm, so with a 10mm thick T-ring and with a Canon dSLR it'll give you 129mm distance.
The TS Optics field flattener seriously improves the image sharpness towards the edge of the photographical field, up to and including the 35mm sensor format. You only need an adaptation from your camera to the standard T2 thread, e.g. a T-ring for DSLR cameras.

Adaptation to astronomical mounts

You can attach the IN ED 70 to any camera tripod. With the optional PS Foto Deluxe dovetail plate you can securely attach it to many astronomical mounts with a standard Vixen-style saddle plate.

The Individual ED 70 as a Spotting Scope

A premium grade spotting scope for nature observers, demanding birdwatchers and target shooters:


A similar telescope with optional 45 deg erecting prism for an upright and correct image and with a high quality Hyperion eyepiece. For demonstration purposes only.


If you want to do nature observing of any kind you will be stunned by the bright image and excellent image quality offered by the IN ED-70. Compared to typical zoom spotting scopes of similar aperture you will notice that the IN ED 70 has a brighter image, better contrast and sharpness that can truly be called "premium grade". It compares favourably with many spotting scopes of a much higher price level!

In addition to this you have a much larger choice of accessories and you can reach magnifications outside the range of most zoom spotting scopes.

Another big advantage of the IN ED-70 is its compact transport dimensions. The instrument will fit in almost any photo backpack or carrying case. With retracted dewcap the instrument is only 310mm in length!

Astrophotography and Nature-photography with the ED70 APO

NGC 7000 North-America Nebula - Courtesy of Aggelos Kechagias


The Individual ED 70 as a powerful ED tele lens for photography

An ideal alternative to expensive ED tele lenses. The IN ED-70 is a high image definition APO tele with 420mm focal length.

A similar telescope setup for astrophotography. For demostration purposes only.



The image sharpness of the IN ED 70 is comparable with many tele lenses of a much higher price level. The apochromatic ED lens offers top image clarity and colour correction.

While the IN ED 70 does not have autofocus it has an ultra-smooth 1:11 microfocuser for perfect manual focusing. With a little practice you can achieve focus much better than many autofocus systems are able to do, and even better than is usually possible with classical helical lenses.Optional Accessories



Here is a list of some useful accessories

-- Hyperion Zoom eyepiece: a premium grade wide angle zoom eyepiece for 17.5x to 52.5x magnification
- Erecting prisms 1.25" and 2" - for an upright and correct image
- HR Planetary Eyepiece 6mm ... Magnification 70x
- HR Planetary Eyepiece 5mm ... Magnification 84x
- HR Planetary Eyepiece 4mm ... Magnification 105x

Contrary to most spotting scopes the IN ED 70 accepts most cameras without problems! We offer a broad range of adapters for most common digital cameras.

For safe and convenient transportation the INED70 comes with a neat and sturdy carrying case.



Other useful accessories

- TS FA 240 (coming soon) prime focus adapter with T2 thread for the adaptation of DSLR and SLR cameras through standard T-rings.
- T-rings: bayonet adapters for all common SLR and DSLR cameras with interchangeable lenses.
- projection photography (orthoscopic) eyepieces: for point and shoot or semi-dslr cameras with fixed lenses

Courtesy of David K., see review section of above product for details...






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