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Primaluce Lab EAGLE CORE - Control Unit for Astrophotography with dSLR Camera

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EAGLE CORE is the latest PrimaLuceLab innovation and it was developed to reply a specific question: can I do astrophotography in a simple, fast and fun way? The EAGLE, EAGLE S and EAGLE OBSERVATORY control units are ideal for the amateur astronomer who wants to do more quickly and efficiently astrophotography with their advanced instruments. EAGLE CORE, thanks to the EAGLE OS integrated software, is perfect for those who start in astrophotography and want a very simple system to use.

Thanks to ongoing photography developments, modern DSLR camera are fantastic instruments for astrophotography and they allow recording even long exposures of deep sky objects with low noise. You just need a computerized equatorial mount and a compact scope (or a telephoto lens) with guide camera in parallel and EAGLE CORE will allow you to record fantastic images of Universe objects!

Watch a Youtube video: EAGLE CORE and dSLR Astro Photography

Technical comment by Filippo: "EAGLE CORE is the perfect solution for those who start making astrophotography with a telescope, for photographers that want to use their camera and telephoto lens for long exposure astrophotography o for those that always tought that astrophotography is too complicated (and then they made only visual use of their telescope). Personally I use is always together with Celestron SkyQ Link 2 or Simulation Curriculum SkyFi III to remotely control with WiFi also the mount: this way I can control telescope position fron one app (like SkyPortal or SkySafari) to align and slew it to the object I want. Then I move to EAGLE CORE app to start autoguiding and images capturing!"

As for other EAGLE control units, EAGLE CORE is installed directly on your telescope, it powers the elements of your telescope (12V, up to 3 instruments) and it has a modular PLUS case allowing you to install it on all telescopes and to personalize your configuration as you prefer. It has also been designed to allow you to do long exposure astrophotography even with telephoto lenses thanks to a special shooting mode with the guide scope positioned at the telephoto lens side (see photo below).

In order to use EAGLE CORE together with a telephoto lens (and guide scope in parallel) you have to add "140mm PLUS dovetail bar" to be connected under EAGLE CORE body, in order to install everything on the equatorial mount. In the upper part the Eagle Core has a 1 1/4" photo thread to connect a photo ball head and then the camera. If you have an heavy photo lens (for example with focal length higher than 200mm) you can add the "PLUS Vixen+Losmandy dovetail clamp". Then you can connect the "PLUS 90mm Vixen dovetail bar" under the camera and then connect everything in the dovetail clamp. The guide scope is installed, using the optional 90mm PLUS guide rings, on the lateral side of Eagle Core. In order to use EAGLE CORE with a telescope (and guide scope in parallel) you can connect it directly above the PLUS support rings of the telescope (below the PLUS support rings you need to use a PLUS Vixen or Losmandy 140mm dovetail bar). Above EAGLE CORE body you can connect PLUS guide rings with guide scope (where to insert the guide camera).


Control DSLR and guide camera from your smartphone or tablet with a convenient WiFi connection: you will be able to see in real time pictures of guide stars or of the object recorded by your DSLR camera

Remotely control your Canon EOS or Nikon DSLR camera: set acquisition parameters, then start capturing a single image or a sequence. These are the cameras already tested and verified with EAGLE CORE (we're testing other models, if your camera is still not in this list you can also ship to us and we'll send you EAGLE CORE tested with your camera):

- Canon EOS 1000D (Rebel XS/Kiss F), 550D (Rebel T2i/Kiss X4), 600D (Rebel T3i/Kiss X5), 700D (Rebel T5i/Kiss X7i), 20D, 40D, 6D
- Nikon D3300, D3400, D5600, D7000, D600, D610, D810
- Sony A7, A7S, A5000  (actually testing these Sony cameras)

Remotely control autoguide camera: thanks to the integrated autoguide software, it automatically corrects tracking errors of the telescope's mount (compatible with QHY5II-L and Lodestar)

Use dithering: in order to minimize electronic noise and get a better image when you stack more pictures of the same object (* feature available soon, it will be added with a software update)

Power up to 3 devices (12V): thanks to optional cables and adapters, you can power the DSLR camera, the mount, etc directly from the EAGLE CORE eliminating the need for other batteries and other external power supplies.


Thanks to EAGLE CORE you will no longer need a laptop: in fact it includes EAGLE OS software to control autoguide and DSLR camera. You can control all capture and guide parameters directly on the screen of your smartphone or your tablet (compatible with iOS and Android devices) connected to EAGLE CORE through the convenient WiFi connection.

Using the autoguide feature of EAGLE CORE, classic tracking error of the equatorial mounts are corrected: in the image below you can see how a 300 seconds exposition picture recorded at 200mm focal length shows stars not well tracked if the autoguide is not activated (left) and perfectly tracked when we use the autoguide (right).


You can download the latest firmware for the Eagle Core here. CLICK HERE!

Comparison of EAGLE CORE, EAGLE, EAGLE S and EAGLE OBSERVATORY with all the main specifications and the type of use they are recommended for:

EAGLE CORE - scope of delivery:

EAGLE CORE control unit

Power cable with cigarette plug for Eagle (length 250cm)

- Spacers for guide rings in telephoto lens mode

4 M6 screws, 4 M5 screws, 2 M5 long screws, 2 photographic screws

- User manual

M31 galaxy recorded with Canon EOS 7D, 200mm f/4 telephoto lens and EAGLE CORE, sum of 6 expositions 300 seconds each (click on the image for larger image):

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